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Self-sealing anchoring system for the security of geomembranes; prevents membrane movement in uplift or draw down applications.

  • Strong – ‘locks’ into the engineering properties of the substrate, providing resistance to external forces increasing slope stability
  • Durable – constructed with inert/chemical resistant materials for long lifetime in most conditions
  • Self-sealing – clamps around membrane with minimal disturbance, reducing the need for welds, trenching and sand bags
  • Compatible – capstan ‘tie-off’ feature allows the connection of other units in a larger grid across the site, and other geosynthetics e.g. geocells, to eliminate sliding
  • Safe – metal edges are fully covered by plastic
  • Versatile – can be used with a wide range of geosynthetics and membranes as well as puncture repairs
  • Resistant – two part system can be fixed around the membrane with two or four points, delivering high clamping force and resistance to ingress
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