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Suspended in the darkness, to serve the light. 

An ideal choice for areas where enhanced aesthetics are required, Gripple Black Suspension Solutions are discreet and ensure the suspension 'disappears' into the roof space or exposed area, creating the effect of 'floating' building services and complementing more contemporary building design. Up to six times faster to install when compared to traditional methods, the solution is delivered to site in ready-to-use kits, complete with your choice of hanger, specified length of black wire rope, and chosen End Fixing. By providing you with a pre-engineered system, we vastly simplify the installation process, remove the need to cut or file rod and channel and improve health and safety on-site. Many of Gripple's existing product lines are available in black, offering a range of solutions and a range of load ratings to suit a wide variety of applications. View the Black Suspension Solutions range below. 

Gripple have been awarded the Queens Award